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To run any business successfully, an online web presence is must. To get the online presence of your business, digital marketing will be more helpful. It is the technique which helps in increasing your business growth. Maansa Webworld is an India based digital marketing company where we concentrate on growing your business through digital marketing strategies. By using these strategies, you will able to get the more growth in your business. We provide the best digital marketing services in Mohali according to client requirements.

The main purpose of digital marketing is the promotion of your business. From promotion, more people will be attract to your business so conversion rate will be automatically increased. We at Maansa Webworld, have an digital marketing experts who have the capability of doing this technique very well. There are many services used in digital marketing. We provides following digital marketing services in Mohali:

1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization one of the best services of digital marketing. The main goal of SEO is to get the ranking of your website on search Engine. There are many engines but the most preferable is Google. SEO is available in two types: On Page Optimization and Off Page optimization. Here we take the responsibility of your website’ SEO if you want.

2. Search Engine Marketing

If you want to increase the visibility of your website in Search Engine Result Pages, then you should prefer the Paid advertising. We have a team of experienced and professional Experts who work on this technique.

3. Pay Per Click

PPC is the paid advertising technique which is used to generate the leads to your business. By using it, you wil get the direct traffic to your website. It produces instant exposure to your business. In this advertising for, you need to pay as an advertiser to publisher when your ad is clicked. Payment will be according to clicks on your ad.

Google provides google adwords for Pay Per Click advertising. Below is the formula for calculating an advertising cost:

Pay-per-click = Advertising cost / Ads clicked

There are many benefits of PPC over other Digital Marketing techniques:

  Customers will attract to your business instantly

  Get the quicker results quicker

  Amount of spending depends on you

  You can target audience in specific location

4. Social Media Marketing

As we all know social media plays an important role in promotion of any business. There are different platforms used for social media marketing which helps in engaging with real time customers.

Social Media Platforms:





Along with above, there are many other platforms. But these are mostly used. These platforms also provide paid advertising if you want to use.

5. Reputation Management

Online Reputation management is very important. It is used for creating a positive SEO friendly content for your business. BY using this technique, you can get rid of negative reviews. We manage your online reputation management effectively.