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DigiTech Learning Program is started by Maansa Webworld Pvt. Ltd. {MWPL} in Himachal Pradesh from November 2017 DLP is a learning program for students to provide them knowledge of Digital Technology. The main perspective of this program is to teach students all about the key role of IT, its working, merits, demerits and as well as latest technologies. MWPL believes that this time it is very important for students to learn about latest technologies so that it can help them to shape their career towards bright future. Since we know that world is developing day by day and IT has played keen role in the path of development. IT made things easier which leads whole world dependent on it. Directly or indirectly everyday humans are using technology and it has become our basic need. In 21st century India has entered into the list of biggest IT hubs of the world but in spite of that only 30 – 40% of the total population is aware of using technology and Internet. This lack of awareness has been always proven the biggest hurdle in development of country that’s why MWPL has taken up the responsibility to teach students about proper usage of technology so that we can take a step ahead to make Digital India. Our honorable Prime Minister Sh. Narendera Modi also believes that Digital technology plays a vital role in the development of country. During the campaign of Digital India He said: “I see technology as a mean to empower and as a tool that bridges the distance between hope and opportunity.” So let us give contribution to make Digital India

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MWPL has started the DigiTech learning Program with a vision to share the knowledge about Information Technology with students, its scopes, career and courses available. And so many other things belong to this field. We believe that information technology is important to expand our instructional repertoire and DLP is that vehicle which will maximize the capacity of all the participants. MWPL believes that students should be engaged in a stimulating academic environment and a challenging curriculum that is student-centered and focused on inquiry-based learning specifically.Key points of our vision:

  • We envision encouraging students and all participants toward information technology.
  • To provide global access to information Technology.
  • To meet the needs of all participants about IT education.
  • To provide access of IT education to the general curriculum.
  • To refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity of students.
  • To provide a medium for expression and communication.
  • To improve the effectiveness and skills of students.

To provide skills and proficiency necessary to students for their career.

It is our intention that this vision will remain constant in our overall plan and we will share our knowledge with students and will make them aware about the technology through DigiTech Learning Program.,

If You are intersted to Orgnaize this Program in your School/College then Contact Us.